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06 January 2012 @ 12:50 am


As a horse crazy girl living in an apartment, sometimes the only way to get the "full horse experience" is through SIM games. I have found a really awesome one that I wanted to share!

Want to experience real horse genetics, compete for the top, and register horses based on requirements similar to real life breed clubs? Want to be able to actually meet, talk with, and get to know the game's creator and staff instead of playing an impersonal game?

Horse Eden Eventing allows you to breed Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Anglo Arabs, Knabstruppers, Registered Irish Draught, Appendix Quarter Horses, Sport Horses, and Irish Sport Horses (with new breeds being added periodically). Compete for the breeding or showing leaderboards.

Rather than having to spend hours doing meaningless tasks like clicking thousands of shows to reach the top, you can easily enter an entire barn in one click or you can use your barn manager to set shows to run on certain days for specific horses. This leaves you with time to experience the many other great aspects of the game.

* Built in role playing games based around horses: wild horses, fantasy/Medieval, and modern RPs
* Run your own club or join others!
* Join the weekly chats where the game creator and staff are there to answer questions or just hang out and get to know you!
* Enter the many member-run contests or chat in the extremely open, friendly, tight-knit, helpful and welcoming community
* Learn real horse colour genetics
* Play the mini games including being able to race your horses!
* Join Federations or compete in the Junior Rider competitions
* Enter your horses in special shows like musical freestyle dressage
* Host your own shows or enter shows that other members hosted in addition to regular game shows!
* Moderators are very active and quick to respond to issues that may arise. Want a drama-free environment? Horse Eden works very hard to keep drama out and the fun in!
* And much more!
03 June 2011 @ 10:14 am
It is so important to provide your animals with the best environment possible! Not only will your animals be happier and healthier but there are products out there that can help you save time and money while also improving your horses environment. For example, providing a horse with a dry stall and keeping your barn dry are important for the health of the horse and to save you time and money with bedding! So, what do you do or what products do you use to provide a safe and healthy environment for your horse?
13 July 2007 @ 10:56 pm
I was just wondering how you guys displayed your horse ribbons around your room?

I have so many around mine and i just don't know how to display them correctly or in any kind of cool way. help?
08 November 2006 @ 02:06 am
i am nearing the end of month one of a four month stall rest with my horse because of a bowed tendon.  this past week, he has started getting really nasty with anyone...if anyone walks past his stall (besides me, because i feed and take care of him everyday, so he knows i am mommy!), he pins his ears and reaches out and tries to take a bite out of them.  he is getting so grumpy from being inside that it's really getting to be too much.  you can't reprimand him because he acts like it's a game and just gets worse about it.  he has even resorted to trying to take bites out of the horse in the stall next door.

the vet said that i could take him out to graze once a day for about twenty minutes, but he started expecting it and getting too riled up, so i started doing it every other day or so, so that he wouldn't expect it all the time...then he started really acting up...trying to trot, trying to rear and spooked way too easily.  the tendon will never heal if i take him out and let him act this way!  so the only alternative is to keep him in the stall, where he's grumpy as all hell.  

does anyone have any advice as to what to do?  what supplements to give?  any specific toys that would work?  i know he is incredibly bored, but this is only for his own good so that he can heal correctly!

30 October 2006 @ 11:43 pm
just a couple weeks ago, my horse bowed his tendon.  it was the most upsetting thing that's happened to me in a long time--i was absolutely DEVASTATED!  my vet recommended the "A-Cell" procedure and i went through with it...does anyone have anything they can tell me about this procedure?  i've been told by vets that it's the newest thing to do for bowed tendons and that it has had positive results, and i've read the same thing on the internet, but i don't know anyone who has had it done personally/first-hand.  Does anyone have anything to tell me about it?

30 August 2006 @ 10:42 pm
2 health related questions:

1) as you may know, liberty has been off-and-on lame in the front for the past 2 mos. tonight she got shod by her new farrier for the first time. she was the last horse shod by my old farrier before he quit the profession, and she went lame the next day. my farrier showed me where she has bruising in the laminae area and said it looks like laminitis. he thinks it might be caused by thyroid probs. have any of you ever dealt with this before?

2) my barn best friend's 12 yo appendix, xc, has recently started doing something really weird-when kelly goes to cinch her up (she rides western), xc, like, buckles to her knees. it's the weirdest thing. it doesn't always happen-it's happened like 3 times in the last month. she's totally sound, and doesn't show any lameness or reluctance to work, or anything. i'm thinking maybe back or wither pain, since it's only when she gets cinched up, but who knows? any ideas?

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17 August 2006 @ 02:09 pm
hi, i am looking for other riders in the central NJ area who are interested in riding on trail for fun or who want to run in Competative Trail Rides in this state (i am hoping to be able to run in them with a partner or two). I am located in riding distance of the Horse Park of New Jersey and have a trailer, so i am mobile. I am a 21/f with a New Jersey Bred Morgan Gelding, 12 years old, jumping 3'5" comfortably, and usually run about 10-15 miles a day during this time of year, but will be extended as it gets cooler out. If anyone is intersted, please let me know, i've been having a hard time finding people to ride with!

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p.s. i just created a new community (it's my first one), if you are interested, please join!  tri_stateriders
12 August 2006 @ 08:14 am
Ok, so I've got a few questions. 

My mare Derby recently (well, almost 5 months ago) had a foal.  Now, the thing was, I didn't know at all that she was pregnant until it was a bit too late.  The people that I had bought her from didn't know and the  people that they got her from didn't tell them this news.  I didn't find out until a month before, and even then we just wrote it off being that she is a QH, so she's allowed to be slightly chunky.  I had also been told by my vet that she needed to lose some weight right before we bought her, so I cut down her grain and was giving her that myself.  None of my barn's grain, only their hay.  Now, when Aria, my baby, was born, Derby was horribly underweight.  We've since been able to get her weight back up, but not to my liking (and it doesn't help that the person I've asked to feed her keeps forgetting).  We're weaning Aria next weekend, so this should help.  But what I was wondering was what can I give to Derby to help her gain the weight back.  I was planning on giving her a weight gain supplement as soon as Aria left.  But is there anything besides that I can give her to help her gain more weight back?

And also, what can I use to help her build up her muscles on her back up again?  I've been riding her, but I dunno what I can do to give her more muscle there.  I'm sure once she also fills out more, that will help, but still.

Now a foal/weanling question.  Are there any types of fun games I can play with Aria to help her training?  I've already begun to work with her on cross-ties, and she doesn't flinch when I put a saddle pad or girth on her back.  She already picks up all her feet, and does a lot of stuff that our other babies don't do.  Any suggestions are appreciated.
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02 August 2006 @ 11:00 pm
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Sorry it's so long... I always write long posts. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Starting Over with Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds
Horse Illustrated
By Cindy Hale

Starting Over with Off-the-Track ThoroughbredsCollapse )

[If there are large grammatical or spelling errors, I apologize. I did a quick read-through to make sure there weren't, but I typed this article out really fast and for the most part my head was down, looking at the article, not at the screen.]